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Sing Me A Book – February

Ah February, the month where we recognize love. There are so many children’s books about Valentine’s Day and even more about love. But even though I have tried many of them, I keep coming back to one of my all-time favorite children’s books. EVER! I first heard this when my daughter was in pre-school and I quickly bought it and started singing it to my girls when they were little. Being the sappy, sentimental type I still write the song verse as a PS when I write letters and send care packages to my girls now that they are grown, and I look forward to one-day singing this book with my grandchildren and maybe even learn to needlepoint so I can make them each a tapestry.

love you foreverLove You Forever by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Shiela McGraw

This book follows the relationship between a mother and her child through all of the stages of life. There is a repetitive part of the story where the mother opens the door to the room (pantomime opening the door) and crawls across the floor (I use my fingers to “walk” across my hand) and then she picks up her son – have the kids pick up an imaginary baby and gently rock him back and forth, then I use a simple melody for the song. This book is such an excellent example of a mother’s love for her child.  WARNING: I have had teachers and staff cry when I do this book, but I do it anyway.

I don’t always do this book for my older kids. I keep the theme of mother’s loving kids and bring back our Halloween (and year-round) favorite “My Monster Mama Loves Me So” read that post from last October to learn the sign language and details for this book.

How do you address the topic of Love in your music therapy groups? Please let us know in the comments below and come back in March for a spring time favorite.





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